Lessons & Workshops

As a singing teacher and vocal coach I offer education and guidance on healthy vocal production and on how to achieve your technical and/or artistic singing goals.

I welcome singers of all musical backgrounds and levels, from beginners to professional singers, actors, and speakers. I am also available as a coach for bands, studio recordings, vocal groups, etc. The following topics are covered as needed or upon request:

What you can learn

  • support/breath control
  • more volume/power, singing softer
  • reaching high and low notes
  • vocal production anatomy
  • the four vocal modes of singing
  • blending with other voices
  • sound color – how to adjust your personal sound
  • vocal effects (distortion, creaks, creaking, growl, grunt, vocal breaks, vibrato, ornamentation…)
  • prevent/ solve vocal problems / emergency aid
  • style
  • interpretation
  • performance preparation
  • microphone technique


Private Lessons

Individual attention — great for addressing individual issues, vocal troubles, brushing up on technique, preparing for a performance, or for those looking for a safe and confidential environment. 

Lesson fees as of Jan 2014:

  • single lesson:  30 min — $35 /  1hr — $65  / 1.5 hr — $90
  • Pre-paid monthly rate: 1 hr $55 / 1/2 hr 30
  • Block-rate pre-paid: 6x 1hr segments for $345.
    Lessons must be completed within a 3 month period.

Group Lessons

Explore the voice together and learn from each other. 2, 3 or 4 singers learning together is fun. If you know other singers, get together and sign up as a team. It makes lessons more affordable for everyone and you have a ready-made support group. Or, sign up for private lessons and let me know that you would be interested in a group experience. When possible, I will gladly group students students together. 

  • Content is flexible depending on the group’s interests and needs.
  • Learn about the 3 overall principles, the 4 modes, sound color and effects.
  • Lesson rate depends on length of time booked, frequency, and size of group.

Skype lessons

a very viable way of working together long distance. Regular private lesson rates apply. Note: international paypal payments incur a small additional fee of $2.50.


  • workshops are a great way to learn about Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) and how it applies to singing or speaking.
  • workshops can be organized by anyone. (see guidelines and formats)
  • I am available for travel as long as expenses are covered either by or in addition to workshop fees.

Interested? Please contact me here!

Current workshop offering

From time to time, an introductory workshop will be offered locally (Baltimore/Parkville). Cost is $20 per registrant.  Following this workshop, a masterclass is available to 2 participants (25 min each). Fee $15. Please contact me here and let me know you are interested to be notified.


Pre-studio coaching

Getting ready to record? Polish your vocals ahead of time and make sure you sound the way you want to sound and capture your best performance!

Song/vocal/performance coaching

you feel good about your singing, but something is missing. Let’s look for it together!

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