Lessons & Coaching

As a singing teacher and vocal coach I offer education and guidance on healthy vocal production and on how to achieve your technical  and/or artistic singing goals.

I welcome singers of all musical backgrounds and levels, from beginners to professional singers, actors, speakers. I am also available as a coach for bands, studio recordings, vocal groups, etc. The following topics are covered as needed or upon request:

What you can learn

  • support/breath control
  • more volume/power, singing softer
  • reaching high and low notes
  • vocal production anatomy
  • the four vocal modes of singing
  • blending with other voices
  • sound color – how to adjust your personal sound
  • vocal effects (distortion, creaks, creaking, growl, grunt, vocal breaks, vibrato, ornamentation…)
  • prevent/ solve vocal problems / emergency aid
  • style
  • interpretation
  • performance preparation
  • microphone technique


Private Lessons

Individual attention — great for addressing individual issues, vocal troubles, brushing up on technique, preparing for a performance, or for those looking for a safe and confidential environment. 

  • Currently accepting students.
  • Lesson fees as of Jan 2014:
    • 1 hour segment — $65.
    • 1/2 hour segment— $35.
  • Pre-paid monthly rate: 1 hr $55 / 1/2 hr 30
  • Block-rate pre-paid: 6x 1hr segments for $360.
    Lessons must be completed within a 3 month period.

Group Lessons

Explore the voice together and learn from each other. 2, 3 or 4 singers learning together is a fun. If you know other singers, group together and sign up as a team. It makes lessons more affordable for everyone and you have a support group. Don’t know other singers. Sign up for private lessons but let me know you are interested in being in a group. When possible, I will gladly group students students together. 

  • Content is flexible depending on the group’s interests and needs.
  • Learn about the 3 overall principles, the 4 modes, sound color and effects.
  • Lesson rate depends on length of time booked, frequency, and size of group.

Skype lessons

A very viable way of working together long distance.


Pre-studio coaching

Getting ready to record?  Polish your vocals ahead of time and make sure you sound the way you want to sound!

Song/vocal/performance coaching

You feel good about your singing, but something is missing. Let’s look for it together!

Guiding Principals

Guiding Principles

  • Assist singers and others in reaching their individual technical and artistic goals based on the singer’s musical wish.
  • Provide a supportive teaching environment based on trust.
  • Offer an atmosphere based on mutual respect — each singer is unique with unique thoughts, experience, knowledge and needs.
  • Be accepting of singers regardless of musical tastes, styles and singing level
  • Perform my best towards singers and each other.
  • Strive towards strengthening my value as a teacher and singer.
  • Stay current on techniques and methodologies.
  • Continue to learn. Learn from what works and what doesn’t work.
  • Be open to criticism. All criticism is welcomed as a path to development.
  • Strive towards having a clear, open, honest, positive and respectful communication.
  • Conduct services with integrity and confidentiality.

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