The CVT book

CVTbook-uk-cover_smallComplete Vocal Institute has published a newly revised English CVT book. (Dec. 2012). It includes a CVT Sound Library with 417 female and 417 male sound examples and exercises. The sound library is available for download. Purchase of the book provides a license key for access to the sound library.

Occasionally I may have copies available for purchase here in the US for my private students. I definitely will have one or two “library” copies that students may borrow to preview the book, or as needed.

This book is a great study resource. It is very detailed, comprehensive, and grounded in scientific research and years of empirical studies. It can be ordered directly from the Complete Vocal Institute here. Allow some time for shipping! And, yes, the shipping from Europe isn’t cheap, but I highly recommend the investment.

Take a look inside the book!

This book is also available in English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and Danish language.

“This is an impressive book with great graphics and descriptions…” Communicating Voice, British Voice Association.
Press reviews of the book.