Vocal Freedom Through Targeted Technique!

No student is alike and so a cookie cutter approach is not really helpful or gets to the heart of singing issues. Some singers just need a little technique “tweaking” others may need to work on their singing skills from the ground up.

My teaching approach is that I focus on YOUR goals as a singer and we utilize technique to give you the vocal freedom you want to achieve.  I am an authorized teacher of Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) — a contemporary teaching method, grounded in up-to-date vocal science and research, that gets results quickly!

I am intuitive in my approach and build on a students input and feedback. I consider everyone’s journey important and I am here to support your goals the best I can within a safe, confidential, and encouraging environment, which is also fun and relaxed. If you have the desire to learn, then I know I can help you.

As a songwriter, I have a deep love for words and telling stories, opening up emotionally, and connecting with others through the songs we sing. It’s the most important ingredient for a successful performance!

My personal, musical taste is not a deciding factor in what I teach—my concern is to teach you what you desire to learn in a healthy way, so that YOU can express your music in your own style with confidence and vocal freedom. We all have songs we love to sing and therefore I love working with all levels of singers and and all singing goals, from beginners to professionals.

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